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Dear George,
I am also very concerned with inaccessibility in this arena. 
Technology-wise, the only solution is to have set-top boxes with talking
features. Such products exists and our operators just need to adopt them and
offer to consumers for purchase.
I am sure blind persons will be ready to pay that extra few thousand rupees
for such devices. 
Saksham, particularly Mr. Dipendra Manocha has tried to work with Dish TV
and Tata sky recently to make them adopt these devices. Unfortunately, after
the initial enthusiasm  not much progress has taken place.

Since we are a negligible market I wonder whether these operators will ever
offer it for commercial considerations. It needs to be enforced by law. 
But we don't have any laws yet to ensure accessibility of ICT
infrastructure. The government has adopted a policy only and not much  work
is being done on it.

In the interim, I have tried to put together the channel list of popular
service providers in Braille, audio and eText on my website. Keeping them
up-to-date has proved to be very difficult however. 
The Tata Sky channel list  is available on the page given below. you can at
least check the number of your favourite channel. Tata Sky is also providing
the program guide on their website but it is not fully accessible. 
Channel list:
Tata Sky TV guide:

We should together do something about this.

With regards, 

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Hi Folks,


I use Tata Ski at home. With each new set top box, I have been finding it
more and more difficult to navigate the menus. Not sure if the Tata Ski
promoters consider us blind people as stakeholders.  When I started with
Tata Ski, I could get to the channels I wanted easily thanks to the
favourite feature. Sadly, with technological advancement and the more
sophisticated the digitisation has become, the more difficult it has become
to navigate. What is the state with other DTH services?


Given the nation's rush towards digitisation, I am not sure how great it is
going to be for us. On the one hand digital India holds great promise for
us, but if the digitisation process does not consider us as stakeholders,
then we are in for deep trouble. 

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