[AI] too much of anything is good for nothing.

avinash shahi shahi88avinash at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 23:58:18 PDT 2015

Well-expressed Sumathi!

However, you should not be too much concerned about other people's
lives. Access Indians are aware about how to avail means to fulfill
their ends. Reading-writing-posting is not the cup of tea of everyone.
It requires efforts and above all some vision.  We are living in very
competitive age in which Some hide information, some keep with
themselves and some do share widely. And all types of people go on
doing what pleases them distinctly. Though you have not named my name
however I know I do post very frequently. Why I post? 1. I'm a
disabled disability researcher and by posting on AI I achieve two
things. A maintain my archive which is easily available to me for
future usage. B I firmly believe blind people are still suffer from
famine of info and knowledge hence this much time is just to encourage
friends to be a varicious reader and keep track of disability
discourse which directly effect our well-beings. Note: this should not
be construed as I know everything and behaving in big brotherly way.
Let me share one thing on public fora which I have never discussed out
of my close friend circle.  When I chose to work on disability
policies in the country and saw the references and representations, I
was shocked to notice that efforts and contribution made by blind
people over the years are not at all refered or known by the
policy-makers. Why activists such as Mr Javed Abidi is known world
over despite his falicious understanding about the issues cause he
writes and posts and cells himself. However blind people who have
struggled hard for the rights of all disabled and have faced the
lathis several times in the past have remained untouchables for the
media,academia and the state. It hurts certainly hurts. Therefore, I
do a small attempt to provoke friends to take up disability studies
and contribute to the discourse and generate knowledge in the field.
If you have time and patience you could see the recent collection of
AI archive where the articles I shared on the list have travelled fast
on other lists and the hidden issues blown up, discourse generated and
awakening and alertness was felt. Thank you for your concern. Of
course our professional lives are more important then sharing and
posting on this mailing group free of cost;  However it has its own
charm which some of us try to manage in our busy money-minded lives.

On 7/11/15, Sumathi <sumathiranjini1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not discouraging or pin pointing anyone in this group, But still, I feel
> some particular members of this group is sounding like they are wanting to
> appear in the front always. I feel that is too much.
> I'm sorry to say, posting informations are ok to this group. But at the same
> time, you all can see a few members' name appearing in the list over and
> over and over will really make us bored of looking at the body message. I'm
> just posting my own opinion. Share your ideas and share your informations,
> nothing wrong in that. But please keep on track also with your life. It
> seems some of the members are busy concentrating only on posting to access
> india. I have noticed some of the members who they are posting even by 12 am
> and even by 1 am. I'm not sure what type of work they do and how they are
> leading their life other than this access india.
> I'm sorry if posting my opinion is wrong. I said how I feel. If you still
> want to live only on access indian world, keep it up. I don't mind.
> Kind Regards,
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Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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