[AI] Seeking help regarding get rid of tyrant boss

TS Negi ts.negi005 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 03:59:49 PDT 2015

Hi friends, I'm working as a music teacher in a govt. school since 1997. Everything was going smoothly till the current vice principal Mrs. Kanchan Attri joind the school in 2010.
Since she is very bad tungued lady, I'm feeling very uncomfortable in the workplace for 5 years.
the atmosphere of the school is very painful for me. I have tried very hard to communicate to her but regret to say that there is no difference so far. I am fatigue enough now and cannot bear the situation.

First of all, her behaviour is very rude and intolerable to me. She always communicates in higher, unbearable and impatient tone. Always says that I am a blind person, I misuse my blindness, I don't perform any task, and I am trifle and burden for the department and drawing salary without giving anything to the school.

As far as my duties are concerned, I'm working efficiently and ready for any enquiry.

I, along with an another visually woman Mrs. Kanta Devi "UDC", made a complaint to OCPD under the umbrella of Indian Association Of The Blind. Mrs. Kanta devi is also similarly victimised. Besides all above mentioned miserys, she was not granted CCL when asked from the vice principal.

Now, I want some kind guidance from you in this regard.

Thanks in advance


TS Negi

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