[AI] problem in downloading webvisum

navneet dubey dubeynavneetk at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 03:46:09 PDT 2015

Dear friends,
I have a webvisum account and I want to install webvisum add on on my
firefox 36.0 on the website of webbisum they are writing the following
Download the WebVisum Firefox extension.
Current version: 0.9.1

Once you click on the add on installation link below, Firefox will
notify you that it has prevented the add on from being installed and
will prompt you
to Allow the install to occur. Press ALT+A when you get this message
and allow the installation to proceed.

Now that you are ready,
But when I press alt+a to allow the downloading it says now press
spacebar to activate the menu and then press errow keies to move
through the items . when I press spacebar and press errow keies their
only option “ not now “
When I hit enter on it nothing happens
so I am not able to download the webvisum and I am confuse please tell
me steps after pressing alt+a what I should do
Please help

Thank you

Navneet dubey

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