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> The Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students is formulated
> and funded by Ministry of Minority Affairs. The scheme is open to
> candidates who belong to one of the Minority Community i.e. Muslim, Sikh,
> Parsi, Buddhist & Christian and wish to pursue higher studies such as regular
> and full time M.Phil/Ph.D. degrees in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences
> and Engineering & Technology. There are 756 slots every year for all the
> subjects. 3% fellowships are reserved for Physically Handicapped candidates
> belonging to Minority Candidates as per provision laid down by the
> Government of India.
> Application is invited from unemployed persons belonging to minority
> communities for award of scholarships to pursue there MPhil or PhD courses.
> Last date is 31 July 2015. Please visit the link
> http://www.ugc.ac.in/manf/ for more details. Kindly circulate the
> information with your dears and nears ASAP.

*Conceived in  2007, Indian Minorities Economic Development Agency, a
section 25 not for profit company, is working for multiplying community
level processes through building leaderships in the neighbourhoods, cities
and towns, connecting youth to  opportunities, empowering civil society
groups and creating networks, programmes for entrepreneurships and skills
development and livelihood security by facilitating partnerships across the
public and private organizations and creating synergies for economic
opportunities for the youth and empowerment of economically weaker sections
among minorities in India.*

Contact Details: 306, Rohit House ,3 Leo  Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110001
Tel: 011-23731128-29
Mobile: +9968345380
Please join the network of Champions of Economic Development of Minorities
at http://imedaindia.ning.com

Peoples Media Advocacy & Resource Centre- PMARC has been initiated with the
support from group of senior journalists, social activists, academics and
intellectuals from Dalit and civil society to advocate and facilitate
Dalits issues in the mainstream media. To create proper & adequate space
with the Dalit perspective in the mainstream media national/ International
on Dalit issues is primary objective of the PMARC.

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Media Watch <https://dgroups.org/groups/pmarc>.

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