[AI] [Bulk] Researchers to Demonstrate Their Solution for Cheaper Braille Displays at Chicago Haptics Conference

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Mon Jul 6 03:13:51 PDT 2015

If this is true and comes to market with the said price, it will be 
affordable for most of us.

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> Researchers to Demonstrate Their Solution for Cheaper Braille Displays
> at Chicago Haptics Conference
> J.J. Meddaugh Sunday, 21-Jun-2015 9:29 PM ET
> Stop us if you've heard this one before. A team of researchers are
> developing a multiline braille display that could dramatically reduce
> the cost and increase braille literacy. This isn't a rerun, rather
> another in a growing list of projects aiming to combat the fall of
> braille adoption in recent years. Sile O’Modhrain and Brent Gillespie,
> two researchers from the University of Michigan will present their
> findings at the World Haptics Conference in Chicago on Tuesday.
> According to an article from the Economist, The screen of the device
> includes a grid of pins the diameter of Braille dots. Normally, the
> tops of these pins are flush with the screen’s surface. When needed,
> though, they can be pushed upwards to create patterns representing
> Braille symbols. This is possible because each pin rests on a
> silicone-rubber membrane that sits above a small cavity. The cavity
> is, in turn, connected to a tiny pneumatic line and valve. When air is
> blown through the valve into the cavity, the membrane balloons up,
> pushing the pin above the screen’s surface."
> The researchers anticipate that a display the size of a tablet, with
> 26 lines of 40 cells each, could be sold for under $1,000.
> Source: http://www.blindbargains.com/bargains.php?m=13029
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