[AI] My Hearty Congratulations

benister kharpor k.m.l.benister at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 00:19:39 PDT 2015

Dear Friends,

Let's rejoice upon the success of our dear friends!!!!! through their
wonderful and great achievements in different Government's Civil
Services Competitive Examination, it has really brought hope
andconfidence to the entire People With Disability Community. I
personally, want to express my hearty gratitude towards your hard
work, and your achievements. It is because of you all, the majority
people, has been enlightened, and made to understand that even though
we are disabled, the potentiality, capacity and capability are still
remaining. They are made to realize that only equal opportunities  are
needed to provide for us.

Dear friends let's together cheer them up.

Congratulations once again

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