[AI] Hoshiarpur: Visually impaired headmaster cracks UPSC

avinash shahi shahi88avinash at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 23:12:28 PDT 2015

Yograj Singh, a visually impaired (75% loss of vision) school
headmaster of Government High School, Beerampur, in the backward Bet
area of Hoshiarpur district, has cleared the UPSC with rank 1213.
Yograj was born in a poor family and his father was a labourer. He
along with his three brothers and two sisters could pursue regular
studies only till Class X. Thereafter, they had to work to sustain the
family. Talking to The Tribune, Yograj said he could not see properly
due to an accident in childhood, in which he had suffered serious
burns. However, he said, he was keen on continuing his studies and so
he appeared as a private candidate in board and university exams.
Yograj completed his MA as a private candidate and got selected in
State College of Education for B.Ed. He got the job of Social Studies
Master in 2001 and joined the service but had a zeal to do something
more. He took the UPSC exam twice but could not make it in the
interview round. Then he shifted his focus to the PPSC and cleared
twice but again could not make it in the interview round. “In my
second attempt, I missed it in the interview by just 0.22 marks. Me
and my mother were very upset. Seeing her affection, I made up my mind
to go for the UPSC again with double enthusiasm and finally got a
positive result,” said Yograj.
Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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