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Accessibility and Apple
Tuesday, July 7th, 4:15 -- 5:30 Pm
Apple is making a rare public appearance at a blindness-related event.
Sarah Herrlinger,Senior Product Manager for Accessibility at Apple
will host a 75 minute session at this year's American Council of the
Blind convention in Dallas on Tuesday, July 7. The session is free for
convention attendees. We've included the session description below.
Note that no meeting location was included with this announcement.
Accessibility and Apple
Tuesday, July 7th, 4:15 -- 5:30 Pm
For more than 25 years, Apple has provided new and innovative
solutions for persons with disabilities, allowing them to access and
enjoy using the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other Apple
technology. Apple includes groundbreaking assistive technology in its
products, as standard features, at no additional cost. This session
will explore the many ways Apple has implemented accessibility
features into products, such as the Apple Watch, to help transform and
assist in one's daily life. There is no charge for this session, it is
open to all convention attendees.
Presenter: Sarah Herrlinger,Senior Product Manager, Accessibility, Apple Inc.
Source: http://www.blindbargains.com/bargains.php?m=13070
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