[AI] Guidelines on Barrier Free Environment needed.

Umesha Economics umesha.eco at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 01:08:54 PDT 2015

Dear Friends, 
Government of Karnataka through the Department of Higher Education has asked Tumkur University (and other universities) to give a status report on the barrier free environment in the campus and buildings. the task has been assigned to me as I am the Liaison Officer for the Disabled for the University. 
So, experts in the field, please provide me the comprehensive guidelines on the barrier free environment with respect to physical environment against which I can evaluate the accessibility of the buildings and the campus. desirable if the guidelines are legally binding and applicable to state of Karnataka and are latest ones. 

Thank you
Umesha S. E.
Assistant Professor of Economics, 
Liaison Officer for the Disabled, 
Tumkur University, Tumkur 572103, Karnataka

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