[AI] Get the NVDA_2015 with inclusion of Kannada Language.

Him Prasad Gautam drishtibachak at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 00:48:21 PDT 2015

Hello Kannada speaking nvda users
There is a happy news for you. Now, Nvda is available in Kannada Language too!
Mr. Siddhalingeshwar Ingalagi and his team under my guide have
translated nvda in Kannada. Now, all the nvda menus, messages, help
i.e. the users' guide, key command etc. is available in Kannada.
To run your nvda in Kannada language, follow these steps.
1. download the nvda with Kannada language from the link given below.
2. Install it.
3. After completion of installation , go to preferences-general
setting dialog [press nvda+control+g].
4. Type the letter k and press Enter.
5. Enjoy nvda in your mother language.
1. Do not forget to set Kannada voice by pressing nvda+control+v and
choosing Kannada from the list.
2. The nvda is the latest one. The very recent string used in nvda
added after starting the translation work are in English. Specially
the recently introduced like Math Functions is not translated and
these messages appear in English. They will be translated afterwards.
३. you need not download any other files for nvda in Kannada.

download link:

Happy Saturday.

Him Prasad Gautam
Kathmandu, Nepal

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