[AI] now, NVDA kannada translation is available to use for karnataka friends!

Siddalingeshwar Ingalagi ingalagisiddu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 07:27:22 PDT 2015

Hi, karnataka friends! today we have finished nvda kannada translation
work. now you are able to use nvda all menus and dialog boxs in
kannada language.
NVDA master-10663,552b45f : kn

Project info
Project name and version:	NVDA master-10663,552b45f
Language:	kn
Team:	Kannada
Team's email address:	 ingalagisiddu at gmail.com
Charset:	UTF-8

hello readers:
These are  translation files of kannada south Indian language
Translated by Siddhalingeshwar Ingalagi, and Harsha HD.
and edidited by Editors, Srinivas murthi and siddalingeshwar ingalagi
these 3 people are from Indian country.
state karnataka.

however We have contacted other people to this nvda kannada translation task
hope in future they will also be part of this project.

Guider is Him Gautham Prasad from Nepal country.
We Thanks to him gautham Prasad sir, from our bottom of heart, to,
helping us to make this translation task.
I hope, this kannada translation NVDA will help new users of
kannadigas all over the world.

We are happy to launch this translation kannada project in kannada language!
Now, all english NVDA menus will be anounce in kannada language.
all symbols funtuations, will be anounce in kannada!
yes! you have been read above text rightly!
for example, fullstop, in  kannada,
 poorna virama.
like that all will be in kannada.
so, all NVDA settings and dialog box will be anounce in kannada!

download NVDA kannada translation files!
if you are user of computer, then download from,

if you are user of Mobile, download this file from:

after downloading this NVDA kannada translation folder, in zip format.
and extract it,
then copy the kn folder and paste it on program files under NVDA folder\ locale
press L key, untill you get locale folder.
open locale folder and paste this kn folder!

again Methods and steps for using this translation:
mean, go to, run dialog box and type c colon, then open program files
there open NVDA folder, and press L untill you get locale folder, open
locale folder then paste this kn folder.
if it is ask for replacing, just click yes replace and copy.
Now, restart NVDA by pressing control alt N!
This time you have to open general settings from NVDA menu then,
choose kannada language by pressing K and clicking enter.

before doing this,
You have to, set kannada voice setting under NVDA voice settings.
so, select ESpeak from TTS setting by pressing control Insert S
Then, press control alt V
To select kannada voice.
then choose kannada language voice under combo box by pressing K and
click enter key on kannada!
now, you all cann able to use NVDA in kannada.

This is very helpful for new NVDA kannada users
 who wants to use NVDA as their default screenreader in their daily life.
also, its for slow learners who does not use English language much as
their default language in their life.

If any time you wants to feedback and any suggestions, please write to
us our mail ID.
ingalagisiddu at gmail.com
ms.srini at rediffmail.com
hdharsha4 at gmail.com
We will update translation according to your wish.
This is pure and clean transation,
 we have collected kannada exact words from various sources.
Like google translation and online English to kannada dictionary.
We are happy to use NVDA in kannada language.
from nexxt version of NVDA this kannada language will be adding. so, use it.
thanks and regards,
From, NVDA kannada translators team.

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