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very useful for beginers. 

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> Hi List,
> I would like to announce the publication of a free eBook called Getting
> Back to Work with JAWS. It is a guide for people who have never used JAWS
> before, but who need to use a screen reader to become productive again with
> their computer. To download the book for free, please visit
> http://www.backtoworkblind.blogspot.com/
> The book itself is a zipped set of Rich Text Format (RTF) files that can be
> read using any word processor. There is absolutely no cost, ads,
> registrations  r commercial aspects to this whatsoever. I wrote this book
> after losing my vision three years ago. As many of you know, it is hard
> work adjusting to using a computer entirely through a keyboard and
> synthesized speech. At first, even the simplest of tasks can seem
> overwhelming.
> My hope is that this book will give new JAWS users techniques, tips, and
> strategies needed to become a productive JAWS user in a very short period
> of time. It covers the basics of working with Windows 7, the Internet, and
> Microsoft Office programs.
> I would love to receive feedback on how to make the book even more useful
> for new JAWS users. Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions
> at backtoworkblind at gmail.com.
> George Calvert
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