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Hi All,

What is Project Starfish and How can It Empower you?

Project Starfish is a visionary socio-economic business model that
enables blind and disabled professionals to learn, earn, augment
resume , gain contemporary work experience and become employable. In
short, its an experiential  platform where professionals learn, apply,
gain work experience, earn money, and understand how to work in an
office environment so they become employable and gain economic
independence. Project Starfish acts as a catalyst, where it breaks the
cycle in which many disabled individuals find themselves, “I need
experience to get a job, but I can’t get a job without experience.”
Project Starfish members work virtually, and can work with businesses
globally thus creating more opportunities, removing barriers of
geography, race, religion, color, disability etc. Its a business model
that creates business impact and social impact at the same time.

What’s our mission?

The aim is to create a professional empowerment platform for
blind/disabled unemployed professionals to gain work experience,
advocate their capability and foster relationship with business and
industry to create a highly employable workforce. Project Starfish
does not employ anyone, and is not an employment agency.

What we do and how we do it?

1.	Recruit: We work with state governments, private VR agencies to
identify and select candidates through our proven 3 step interview
2.	Train: We train professionals on contemporary work that is needed
in a digital economy. Examples are Business Research and analysis,
social media, operations, project management, appointment setting etc.
3.	Motivate: We have a phenomenal method of mentorship both from
Project Starfish and from the industry.
4.	Business Development: One will understand how to be business savvy.
This is achieved by studying business processes and case study’s. This
is followed by having a discussion with the businesses.
5.	Teamwork:  A critical element is working together in teams to
produce business impact. This is a critical element that companies
look for in individuals.
6.	Networking: We have proven methods to connect with the industry,
and build a business network, which is a critical step in employment.
7.	Self Direction: Role playing something that one is passionate about
is critical. Example, a person interested in Human Resources can take
a role that enacts the same adding additional experience.

Project Starfish in the media and accolade?

1. Our name and work have appeared in several Newspapers, News
agencies (like Boston Globe) : Here is an example :

2. For the first time in the history of blindness, blind professionals
have worked with Harvard University Startups :

3. We have created relationships with leading disability organizations
: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/glen-ellyn/community/chi-ugc-article-abilitylinks-and-project-starfish-america-ann-2014-06-12-story.html

Results and What have we achieved so far:

The yardstick for success is how many people made an income and worked
with businesses. Out of 50 select people, 70 to 80% made an income by
working with businesses. Over 6 people moved on to full time jobs,
several being absorbed by the businesses they worked part-time.

How can I join Project Starfish?

We are looking to expand, and believe the best people are the ones who
are IT savvy, ambitious, teachable, willing to learn, determined and
can devote time for their own professional development . Although 50%
of our members have Masters degrees, a bachelors degrees is accepted.
Please send your resume for evaluation to the founder Subhashish
Acharya ( or Subs) at subs at pstarfish.org. Our website is


The efficacy of Project Starfish is proven by the success of its
members, and we continue to evolve for the better. Our virtual global
platform allows us to serve everyone.  We do not discriminate based on
race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, geography, or
socioeconomic status.  Our success rate is high, because our standards
are higher.  We are an honest movement to create employment and spread
awareness of the capability of a workforce that is prepared for
contemporary work in a digital economy. Join us!

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