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Thu Jul 2 04:37:17 PDT 2015

Hello friends recently I have opened a bank account in panjaab
national bank in Meerut up. I had applied for check book and atm
facility. They denied me for check book there reason was that there
bank rools don’t allow check book facility to visually impaired
customers and regarding atm they told that they will not provide
normal atm to me instead they told me of somethink called biometric
atm witch they are not having in up. They have a shored me that they
will get it from Delhi but it will take few days. I have read the rbi
serculer witch says any kind of banking facility can not be denide to
vi customers. Now i want to know fiew thinks first is there any rool
that blind persons cannot get normal atm card. Second what can be done
if they are not ready to provide me these facilities after reading the
circular  I mean can I get some directions from rbi for that branch of
pnb our I should go to court.

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