[AI] Sub: Stern Action Sought Against The UGC for violating the Office Memorandum Issued by the Government of India for Conducting Examination for Persons with Disabilities

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well we must support avinash on it because a lot of candidates were
harassed to the core and he is fighting for all on this issue.

On 7/2/15, avinash shahi <shahi88avinash at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't understand why few of us who are arm-chair activists don't
> understand the gravity of the problem. What is principle law and
> actual law and effectuating law just leave it.
> I am not here to put forward my legal reasoning  and deposition on
> Access India that's preserved for the CCPD Office. ,however want to
> revert upon interpretation.
> 1. If scribes were not be higher than the graduation and of other
> subjects, then why concerned centres provided teachers/vice-principals
>  to write exams.
> 2. When students agreed to appear along with the scribes provided by
> the schools, why they were barred from appearing? Will UGC own any
> accountability?
> 3. Why verification prior to the week,or one day before the exams? Why
> it was mandatory to take along scribe multiple times to the centre.
> Why can't the verification be done on the date of examination? There
> are instances concerned centres didn't pick up calls days prior to the
> exams. Why a disabled candidate was subjected to this much pain and
> psychological trauma? When non-disabled candidates visit one day to
> write their exams. why we were forced to visit multiple times? who
> will pay the incurring cost of travel,food of both examinees and
> his/her writer fee? All such questions are not ordinary ones. They
> seek equality before the law. And the rule of law says that the Office
> Memorandum should have been adhered. Not only this, I have a copy of
> order issued by UGC to all universities to abide by the 2013 Office
> Memorandum. And the UGC itself violated this law. What an irony?
> I will not further entertain any interpretation in this regard on the
> list... However aggrieved  candidates are requested to flood letters
> to the Court of CCPD. I know the post is vacant for months but
> Secretary has designated an abled man to look in to the matters
> brought up before the Court. And as far as the Powers and authorities
> of the CCPD is concerned. It has the directionary powers. Better you
> read the PWD act carefully. (Sections 57 to 59). And the Delhi High
> Court in one of the recent cases maintained that the CCPD Court has
> binding powers.
> On 7/2/15, avinash shahi <shahi88avinash at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Friends
>> As a first procedural prerequisite, I've registered complaint against The
>> UGC
>> Interested candidates could also do the same to build pressure,then we
>> will go to the High Court if need arises.
>> To
>> The
>> Court of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities
>> Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
>> Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
>> Sarojini House, 6, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi - 110 001
>> Sub: Stern Action Sought Against The UGC for violating the Office
>> Memorandum Issued by the Government of India for Conducting
>> Examination for Persons with Disabilities
>> Respected Hon’ble Court of The Chief Commissioner for Persons with
>> Disabilities
>> I am knocking at your door to apprise about the humiliation meted out
>> to the candidates with disabilities in the recently held UGC NET exam
>> on June 28 2015. The UGC imposed its arbitrary guidelines for the use
>> of scribe which is in complete violation and contrary to the Office
>> Memorandum issued by the government of India in February 2013.  As
>> aconsequence, scores of candidates with disabilities residing in the
>> different states of India have expressed anger and narrated their
>> ordeal on the social networking websites. Many were barred from
>> appearing in the examination for frivolous reasons and were treated
>> with contempt by the officials at the examination Centres. Some of the
>> bitter experiences shared by the candidates are reproduced below for
>> your kind perusal.
>> Block quote
>> Instead of verifying candidate-own scribe’s document on the date of
>> examination, The CBSE imposed extra burden and asked blind candidates’
>> to take permission one day prior to the exam. Now one could easily
>> apply one’s common sense to comprehend the discrimination. When the
>> all non-disabled aspirants were busy doing last-minute preparation,
>> blind candidates struggled from pillar to post in reaching the
>> different centres for availing permission to use writers. Most of them
>> who are very poor, were forced to incur extra money unnecessairily
>> Courtesy the CBSE.
>> (Avinash Shahi Delhi).
>> Block quote end
>> Block quote
>> My centre was at New Spot Public School in Vivek Vihaar. When I asked
>> about scribe’s fee ,they told me that why did you use scribe when we
>> provide braill question paper? I told them mam, yes you provide me
>> question paper in braill but you remember that you didn't provide me
>> answersheet in braill. She completely lost her point. Finally they
>> didn’t give my scribe’s his fee.
>> (Manish Jaiswal Delhi).
>> Block quote end
>> Block quote
>> A visually impaired girl has been out rightly denied permission to
>> take the exam at a center in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Ms.Barani, who has
>> just passed out of her M.A in English from Pondicherry University,
>> informed me the folowing yesterday: Those at the exam center in
>> Coimbatore did not provide a scribe, and also denied entry to the
>> scribe she took with her. They told her that she should have obtained
>> permission for bringing her own scribe one week earlier. They also
>> told her that even otherwise she should have informed the exam center
>> one week earlier that she would not bring her own scribe and hence
>> they themselves should (kindly) arrange one. Ultimately she was turned
>> down even though she had brought a scribe with herself, and requested
>> them to arrange anyone of their own choice.
>> (Muruganandan Tamil Nadu).
>> Block quote end
>> The above personal narratives are just in no way could be construed as
>> representational. Blind candidates in Odisha, UP, Bihar, MP and in the
>> whole of north east who have no internet connectivity suffered the
>> ill-treatment at the examination Centres. Below is relevant sections
>> of the NET Notification for the Court’s perusal
>> Block quote
>> i) Twenty five minutes compensatory time shall be provided for Paper –
>> I and Paper – II separately. For paper – III, fifty minutes
>> compensatory time shall
>> be provided. These candidates, on their request, will also be provided
>> the services of a scribe who would be a graduate in a subject other
>> than that of
>> the candidate. CBSE will also provide the Test Booklets of Paper-I,
>> Paper–II & Paper–III in Braille in those subjects only which are
>> printed in English
>> or English and Hindi along with usual Test Booklets as provided to
>> other candidates.
>> ii) The Persons with Disability (Physically Challenged) candidates who
>> are not in a position to write in their own hand-writing can also
>> avail these services
>> of scribe by making prior request (at least one week before the date
>> of UGC-NET) in writing to the concerned Center Superintendent.
>> Compensatory time and
>> facility of scribe would not be provided to other Persons with
>> Disability (Physically Challenged) candidates.
>> iii) The candidate has the discretion of opting for his/her own scribe
>> or has to request the concerned Center Superintendent for the same in
>> writing at
>> least one week in advance of the test. In such instances the candidate
>> is allowed to meet the scribe a day before the examination so as to
>> verify whether
>> the scribe is suitable or not. Those candidates who opt for their own
>> scribe have to produce the scribe before the concerned Center
>> Superintendent along
>> with his/her certificates of educational qualifications at least one
>> day before the test. (See the full notification)
>> http://cbsenet.nic.in/cbsenet/PDF/UGCNETbulletingJune2015.pdf
>> Block quote end
>> Above cited arbitrary provision imposed by UGC is contrary to the
>> Office Memorandum of GOI which states
>> Block quote
>> I.	Criteria like educational qualification, marks scored, age or other
>> such restrictions for the scribe/reader/lab assistant should not be
>> fixed.  Instead, the invigilation system should be strengthened, so
>> that the candidates using scribe/reader/lab assistant do not indulge
>> in mal-practices like copying and cheating during the examination.
>> Block quote end
>> Respected Hon’ble Court, the above mentioned harsh narratives faced by
>> disabled candidates are more than sufficient to reprimand UGC. And it
>> is imperative for the Hon’ble Court to protect the rights of the
>> disabled candidates  to equal opportunity and safety against
>> discrimination. Given the extent of mental trauma and raw treatment
>> meted out to the disabled candidates; Court should take stern action
>> against the UGC at the earliest. 1. The UGC should be directed to
>> reconduct NET examination for those candidates who were arbitrarily
>> denied to appear in the examination. 2. Hon’ble Court should ensure
>> that the aforementioned Office Memorandum issued by the Government of
>> India be enforced scrupulously in letter and spirit. I hope and trust
>> that the Court would construe this case as suo-motive and initiate
>> serious action as envisaged under Section 59 of the Persons with
>> Disabilities Act 1995 forthwith.
>> Complainant: Avinash Shahi
>> Ph.D Disability Policy Researcher at Centre for Law and Governance
>> Address
>> Room no-223
>> Second Floor
>> Periyar Hostel
>> Jawaharlal Nehru University
>> New Delhi 110067
>> Mobile: 9717230779
>> E-mail: shahi88avinash at gmail.com
>> --
>> Avinash Shahi
>> Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU
> --
> Avinash Shahi
> Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU
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we want peace not pieces.
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