[AI] DeafBlind Opportunities in banks.

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It seems this is for the list. Or someone can help him in this matter.
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Subject: the banking ombudsman

>I would like to know banking opportunities for deaf blind.
> My hearing and vision are deteriorating slowly.
> Would be helpful for me if I come to know about any deaf blind mailing
> lists and any assistive devices for deaf blind people.
> Thanks and regards,
> Silpa.
> On 9/28/12, Raaj <vennillaicecream at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I can surely say with my experience, The banking ombudsman is not doing
>> anything in favour of physically handicapped people's complaints.
>> I've lodged a complaint against my denial of internet banking and for 
>> which
>> they replied, Banks can differ with their decisions. All banks cannot be 
>> the
>> same. After that, I've lodged my complaint with commissionar for 
>> disabled,
>> now.
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>> Subject: [AI] the banking ombudsman
>>> our accessindian friends are facing bank related problems. so I want
>>> share knolidge. may be it would b helpful to you. please read this
>>> topic.
>>> From procedural point of filing a complaint and the manner of dealing
>>> with it, this information is very important. The aspects on which a
>>> complaint can be filed are exhaustive and cover all of the services
>>> the bank offers to its customers. The grounds include some matters
>>> related to loans and advances also. Though there cannot be a complaint
>>> for not sanctioning a loan, it can be for non-observance of RBI
>>> directives, delay in decision, interest rate directives and
>>> non-acceptance of a loan application. In a broader sense, the aspects
>>> also cover what the customers expect from the bank about its declared
>>> services. For effectively dealing with the complaint the banking
>>> ombudsman has powers to call for information from the parties
>>> concerned. The complaint needs to be in writing and supported by
>>> documents and declarations as given in the scheme. The limitation
>>> period for filing a complaint is one year.
>>> A complaint on any of the following grounds alleging deficiency in
>>> banking service may be filed with the banking ombudsman having
>>> jurisdiction:
>>> (i) non-payment/inordinate delay in the payment or collection of
>>> cheques, drafts, bills, etc; (ii) non-acceptance, without sufficient
>>> cause, of small denomination notes or coins tendered
>>> for any purpose, and for creating a charge of commission in respect
>>> thereof; (iii) non-payment or delay in payment of inward remittances;
>>> (iv) failure to issue or delay in issue of drafts, pay orders or
>>> bankers cheques; (v) failure to honour a guarantee or letter of credit
>>> commitments; (vi) failure to provide or delay in providing a banking
>>> facility (other than loans and advances)
>>> promised in writing by a bank or its direct selling agents;
>>> (vii) delays, non-credit of proceeds to parties accounts, non-payment
>>> of deposit or non-observance of the Reserve Bank directives, if any,
>>> applicable to rate of interest on deposits in any savings, current and
>>> other account maintained with a bank; (viii) delay in receipt of
>>> export proceeds, handling of export bills, collection of bills etc.,
>>> for
>>> exporters provided that the said complaints pertain to the bank's
>>> operations in India; (ix) complaints form non-resident Indians having
>>> accounts in India in relation to their remittances
>>> from abroad, deposits and other bank related matters; (x) refusal to
>>> open deposit accounts without any valid reason for refusal; (xi)
>>> levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer;
>>> (xii) non-adherence by the bank or its subsidiaries to the
>>> instructions of Reserve Bank on ATM/
>>> Debit card operations or credit card operations;
>>> (xiii) non-disbursement or delay in disbursement of pension (to the
>>> extent the grievance can be attributed to the action on the part of
>>> the bank concerned, but not with regard to its employees); (xiv)
>>> refusal to accept or delay in accepting payment towards taxes, as
>>> required by Reserve
>>> Bank/Government; (xv) refusal to issue or delay in issuing, or failure
>>> to service or delay in servicing or redemption
>>> of Government securities; (xvi) forced closure of deposit accounts
>>> without due notice or without sufficient reason;
>>> (xvii) refusal to close or delay in closing the accounts; (xviii)
>>> non-adherence to the fair practices code as adopted by the bank;
>>> (xix) any other matter relating to the violation of the directives
>>> issued by the Reserve Bank of India in relation to banking services.
>>> 2. Complaints concerning loans and advances may also be filed, only in
>>> so far as they relate to the
>>> following:
>>> (i) non-observance of Reserve Bank of India directives on interest 
>>> rates.
>>> (ii) delays in sanction, disbursement or non-observance of prescribed
>>> time schedule for disposal
>>> of loan applications.
>>> (iii) non-acceptance of application for loans without furnishing valid
>>> reasons to the applicant, (iv) non-observance of any other directions
>>> or instructions of the Reserve Bank of India, as may be specified by
>>> it from time to time.
>>> 3. The banking ombudsman may also deal with such other matter as may
>>> be specified by the Reserve
>>> Bank of India from time to time in this behalf.
>>> 1. Any person who has a grievance against a bank relating to the
>>> banking services for reasons as
>>> detailed above, may himself or through his authorised representative
>>> other than an advocate make
>>> a complaint to the banking ombudsman within whose jurisdiction the
>>> branch or office of the bank
>>> complained against is located. Complaints arising out of the operation
>>> of credit cards shall be filed
>>> before the banking ombudsman within whose jurisdiction the billing
>>> address of the complainant is
>>> located.
>>> 2. The complaint shall be in writing, duly signed by the complainant
>>> or his authorised representative.
>>> The complaint shall be in a form specified in Annexure - A of the
>>> scheme and shall state clearly
>>> following particulars:
>>> (i) The name and address of the complainant
>>> (ii) The name and address of the branch or office of the bank against
>>> which the complaint is
>>> made
>>> (iii) The facts giving rise to the complaint (iv) The nature and
>>> extent of the loss caused to the complainant (v) The relief sought
>>> from the banking ombudsman
>>> 3. No complaint to the banking ombudsman shall lie unless
>>> (a) the complainant had before making a complaint to the banking
>>> ombudsman made a written
>>> representation to the bank and either the bank had rejected the
>>> complaint or the complainant
>>> had not received any reply within a period of one month after the bank
>>> concerned received
>>> his representation or the complainant is not satisfied with the reply
>>> given to him by the bank;
>>> (b) the complaint is made not later than one year after the cause of
>>> action has arisen as per
>>> Clause (a) above;
>>> (c) the complaint is not in respect of the same subject matter which
>>> was settled through the
>>> office of the banking ombudsman in any previous proceedings;
>>> (d) the complaint does not pertain to the same subject matter, for
>>> which any proceedings
>>> before any court, tribunal or arbitrator or any other forum is pending
>>> or a decree or award
>>> or a final order has already been passed by any such competent court,
>>> tribunal, arbitrator or
>>> forum;
>>> (e) the complaint is not frivolous or vexatious in nature;
>>> (f) It is made before the expiry of the period of limitation
>>> prescribed under the Indian Limitation Act 1963 for such claims.
>>> 1. The banking ombudsman may require the bank named in the complaint
>>> or any other related bank to
>>> provide any information or furnish certified copies of any document
>>> relating to the subject matter
>>> of the complaint that is or is alleged to be in the possession of such
>>> bank. In the event of the failure
>>> of a bank to comply the requisition without any sufficient cause, the
>>> banking ombudsman may
>>> draw the inference that the information, if provided or copies if
>>> furnished, would be unfavourable
>>> to such bank.
>>> 2. The banking ombudsman shall not disclose any information or
>>> document to any person except
>>> with the consent of the person furnishing such information or
>>> document. However, the banking
>>> ombudsman may disclose information or document furnished by a party in
>>> complaint to the opposite
>>> side of the complaint, to the extent considered by him to be
>>> reasonably required to comply with the
>>> principles of natural justice and fair play in the proceedings.
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