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Retina India Newsletter, October 2012

Honorary Editor:  Revathi Sampath Kumaran

Note from the Managing Trustee: From this month, Ms Revathi Kumaran is
taking over as Editor of Retina India’s Newsletter. The former Hon.
Editor, Mr Giridhar,
leaves the position with some big shoes to fill. Retina India Trustees
thank him for his contribution and hard work, and wish him well. Our
best wishes
are also with Revathi as she takes on this new challenge.

Problems, Risks, and Possibilities
Revathi Sampath Kumaran
Change is a permanent feature of life, a philosopher would say. So are
problems. When you make allowances for change and adapt, there is
greater chance of survival and growth. Similarly, when you seek
solutions instead of being bogged down by problems you are likely to
overcome them and move ahead.

LiveWire: Current News, Announcements & Events:

Pratish Datta: IIT Kharagpur topper

Mr. Pratish Datta, who has just completed his Master’s degree in
mathematics from IIT Kharagpur, was awarded the Jagdish Chandra Bose
Memorial gold medal
for excellence in academic performance. He topped his batch with a GPA
of 9.87…..

Scholarship Announcement for degree and post-graduate study in
professional and technical courses:

The National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)
has invited applications for scholarships from students with
disabilities who wish
to pursue higher studies in professional and technical courses. There
is no last date for submission of applications. The salient features
of the scheme
are as under…..

United Nations Conference on Disability Rights*

The fifth conference of the State parties to the CRPD was held at the
UN Headquarters in New York from 12-14 September. CRPD is the acronym
for the human
rights treaty called ‘Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’.

Retina India Day was celebrated on September 26,

Know Your Retina: Medical Section:
There are two forms of this disorder. The most common is an acquired
or senile form of retinoschisis that affects both men and women,
usually in the middle
age or later, although it can occur earlier. The other form is present
at birth (congenital) and affects mostly boys and young men. It is
known as juvenile,
X-linked retinoschisis.

Making maps for the blind: outcomes of academic research
by Revathi Sampath Kumaran

The purpose of this article is to highlight the work underway in a few
universities to make maps a tool for enhancing geographical
intelligence for the
blind. The product of their research is publicly available for others
to build on, and the article gives links to these resources as well.

Hyderabad chapter meet: stories of unconventional careers and debates on issues
by Srikanth Kanuri, City Coordinator, Retina India (Hyderabad Chapter)

Mr. George Abraham, the CEO of Score Foundation (New Delhi), which
works for people with visual handicaps, participated in the event.
Abraham gave many
tips on how a visually impaired speaker can connect with the audience
and talk with confidence. He also gave the examples of Mr. David
Blunkett a and Mr.
Sacha van Loo who had traversed unconventional career paths despite
being born blind.

Freedom Scientific, the developer of the software, has released Jaws
14 public beta version which can be downloaded from the link below.
Users are allowed to test the product

COMING UP:  Articles in forthcoming issues

Retina India’s November issue of InSight will focus on Disability
Rights. It will carry a special feature on the experiences of blind
students in management
courses across the country based on a pilot survey.

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