[AI] regarding my future studies, computer, asking software i.e. cursvale & asking civil service books in e format

shreyas nagaraj n.shreyas.reddy at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 23:41:17 PDT 2012

hi all
hope all r fine
I wanted to ask u all regarding my studies.
Please help me members

First afall, I will tell about my ambition. According to that, please
suggest me members.
But I know & I would like to tell u all that I am not clear in it &
little confused about my future

Firstly, I have an ambition to become an I A S but I have no idea of it.
I mean, I know that it is a civil service exam but I don't know how to do it.
I would request u all to let me know the procejer to do I A S
I know one more thing that I can do I A S only after my degree or
graduation that is ug
but i don't know that how to register my self? what book should I
read? what institution I should I go to take training? I am really,
really confused about it
Actually i got suggestion from one of the member about it but what
kind of book should I read and all I didn't get
I wanted to take tuitions from some one or institution for this I A S
but in any case I would like to do that.
I also wanted to know that how the exam will be there, how the exams
are? what  marks r allocated? who r all doing it? r there hindrances?
What books should I study or read in fact?
Which institution should I go?
Should I register in online or any thing like that?
I am really curious  to know that.
Please help me members

Secondly, my ambition is to become an economics advicer to pm or the
finance minister. So can I do that. I am sure about my aptitude but I
don't know the procejer.
Should I do also IA S for this?
Please help members

Thirdly, I also have interest towards becoming the auditer general of
india or my state
So can I do this?
If so, how can I? what obooks should I read? what courses should I do?
I am acgtually starting with the C P T training in the month of June &
I will soon do the after my graduation.
Should I register my self? And most of the people say that C A books
are very difficult. Apart from that, they say that, there r no e-books
or soft copy books available. So I felt that there r hindrances for
it. If there is not please tell me members
I actually don't want to work in any company as an auditer but I would
like to be auditer or the junior auditer for my state or even the
country as well.
Actually my ame is to get into secure job & not the corprate sector
that is to be more precise, I don't want to work under the corprate
world but work in government work
So please members give me guidelines & suggestions please

The next thing is, I am getting into the institution which is in
bangalore for my 11th grade and this institution is affiliated with 2
other foreign institution which are in uk & us respectively that is,
cambridge & harward university.
I wanted guidlines that whether can I get into that?
please may I know?
are there people doing this? already?
I don't know that my institution follows the I G C S E or the I B
but it is the international syllabus.
So, will the government of india recognise?to be more precise,
will the gov institutions take me?
as I have no ambition to work in foreign countries & stay there & earn
enormus profits or emolument. I only wanted to study the international
syllabus as it is difficult and has many countries syllabus & later I
can go take experience or do my pg or post graduation there in abroad
I mean.
So, please, wanted suggestion
Please help me members

lastly, about computers
how is excel necessary for the economics, business studies & math student?
please can I know things which I should learn so that I can start
learning in some institution where it does the need base training?
Please can u all give the list of things which i should learn, it can
be the functions, sorting, etc about excel & powerpoint & also the
other apps of microsoft office.
Please, please, please, please, please help me members
I request u all

and really last, can any one provide me the cursvale  scanning software?
please help members

I would like to connect with people doing economics, & commerce  please
And it is through skype
I anticipate that u all will help
in regards
skype id:
mobile number:

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