[AI] data card review (specially from huawei brand users)needed.

kiran at vaugle.co.in kiran at vaugle.co.in
Wed Apr 18 07:50:56 PDT 2012

Dear Gurfan,

When some advice is given on the list on an issue and if one wants to
debate on the issue then it should be directed to the member whose 
reply is
being debated. You can not write that we cant connect the datacard with 
keyboard, does it mean that you are saying that we must and should 
connect to the datacard through the associated program and can not 
connect it through any other way. If so you are wrong, irrespective of 
the service provider we can connect it using windows dial up connection 
and the only changes are probably the number to dial the service 
provider  usually for all gsm it is #777(that is not the point to 
debate). and the specific user name and password, any unlocked modem can 
be connected to any provider,  with out the associated program under 
windows, this is undisputed fact.

I am only concerned over the wrong message being passed to the seeker 
of the information, especially when it is with regards to the functional 
aspect of connection. Also gurfan i am not at all intending to

With regards,
Kiran S Deshpande.

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