[AI] Need help on a strange issue with typing.

Ajay Minocha ajayminocha2 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 10:41:26 PDT 2012

Hi friends,
I have a visually challanged friend who is facing a strainge problem
with her netbook and desktop. I am pasting the message which describes
the complete problem.
Here it starts

The cursor moves right when I press left arrow key and moves left when
I press right arrow key.
And one problem is when I press backspace for deleting any character
from the middle of a sentence it deletes the right character rather
than the left one which it should and
Then if you continue typing anyway ignoring the problem there in the
middle of the sentence ,
it keeps deleting the text on the right and continues typing over it.
She is using office 2003 with win7 starter in netbook and windows XP
in her desktop. Please try to solve this problem. Your valluable
suggestions will be highly appreciated.
thanks in advance

Ajay Minocha
Mob : +91-7827188455
E mail : ajayminocha2 at gmail.com
ajaymanucha at gmail.com
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