[AI] Problems with NVDA

Phen Varghese phenvarghese at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 22:14:06 PDT 2012

Dear Friend,

The best thing is to either scann your computer or restore.
Or you reinstall the app.
One more thing as per my knowledge  NVDA accessibility on internet is
not that good as JAWS.
While you are using NVDA you get confused on the internet page so it
is better not to use it on internet.
This is my personel experience.

With regard's,


On 4/12/12, Ayush Bhutani <ayushbhutani at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi All
> posting here after a very long time.. Some issues are bothering me for a
> long time with NVDA
> 1 If I try to open windows explorer with windows Key + E when NVDA is up and
> running> explorer stops responding and I have to open explorer again.
>  I tried to see whether this is a bug or not but nobody seems to have this
> problem apart from me. This has troubled me so long that I have found a work
> around for this. Every time I start windows I open w explorer once and close
> it. Then I start NVDA .
> 2 I realized while typing this mail. Whenever I am typing in textfield on
> any site NVDA does not echo characters as I type . But it does echo when I
> hit backspace or move with arrows.This is a month old problem I suppose . I
> think when I have started using portable version on my machine also, this
> prolem has creeped up
> 3 I want a replacement of virtual cursor of Jaws for NVDA. On sites
> with such a structure I have to move my mouse over to every next paragraph I
> want to read. Though I was fascinated by NVDA's this particular feature but
> it is really tough for me.
> I am using NVDA 2012.1 portable on Windows 7 32 bit
> Thanks
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