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Answer to second query below:

Some combo boxes on web pages execute scripts depending on user's selection.
These scripts execute as soon as a change in selection is detected. There's
a workaround to avoid this instantaneous script execution --- open the list
of items present in the combo box by pressing ALT+DOWN and then make a
selection using Up/Down arrow keys or first letter of the item. The
associated script would execute only when you press ENTER key or tab to the
next/previous element on the page.

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Hi all,

I don't usually use audio editing software, but I need to urgently
convert an audio tape in to mp3 or wav by using my PC. I am unable to
make my line-in to work. Any suggestion on this matter? Second, How do
I move to a specific item in a compobox without activating the link
associated with it? I am using JAWS 13.



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