[AI] Difficulty with combo boxes

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
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Sir, it will be of more help if you can write the names of the
websites where you are facing problems.
To my understanding, there certainly are different kinds of
comboboxes, and unfortunately not all of those are accessible with
Those who have worked with software development domain will agree that
the ajax controls are sometimes weird with screen readers, and unless
you apply extensive accessibility APIs, its generally hard to access
them for the end users.
There, however, are several work-arounds with jaws too, which can make
it possible to access those controls.
Kindly share the websites where in you are facing the particular
problem, me and experts on this list might try to suggest how to work
with them.

Prateek agarwal.

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It's possible that the web page refreshes when you select an item in the
combo box depending on your selection. Some developers make the combo box to
respond to user selection automatically. You can avoid this automatic
behavior and check the list of items in the combo box by opening the list
using ALT+DOWN arrow key. Forms mode is turned on if it is off. Arrow
Up/Down through the list and once you are on an item to select, press ENTER
or simply tab to the next element. Note that you should not use Letter
navigation in the list, if you do so the first item starting with the
specified letter is considered as your selection and the page refreshes.


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I am facing  a problem with some combo boxes. On some websites when I
try to select  a particular choice, the first one gets automatically
selected, not gibing me a chance to go through the entire choice list
and selecting the one I want.
I use Jaws 9 and windows xp.
Please suggest me a solution.

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