[AI] {AI} Need help with Orca

ayush bhutani ayubhutani at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 00:29:21 EST 2011

Hi All
Thanks for quick response regarding uninstalling ubuntu.But still problems
faced by me in Orca remains unanswered.Please anybody using orca come
forward and help me out
1 Whenever I am typing orca speaks each character twice.
2 In orca I was not able to find both pc and visual cursor separately to
transfer from one cursor to another with simple keystrokes like jaws.
3 Also help me with keystrokes of ubuntu and orca specifically .
And if there is special accessibility book for unix based operating systems
kindly provide me with the same
Hi Raghuramn
I tried to reply to you on your email but the mail failed permenently. To
install ubuntu or linux go to their website and order a free installation CD
and it will be dispatched free of cost.
Ayush Bhutani
Mob :9910602171

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