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Get ready to see things in dark

J.S. Ifthekhar

This one-of-its-kind show, first time in India, will commence next
week at the Inorbit Mall in Madhapur

PHOTO: G. Krishnaswamy.

DARKNESS VISIBLE:Visually-challenged guides ready to take the visitors
on a tour of Dialogue in the Dark exhibition.

HYDERABAD: Now, there is an exciting new activity in town. It scares
you stiff even as it lights up the dark recesses of your mind. No, you
don't come to see it. Rather you experience it. Dialogue in the Dark,
as it is called, takes one down a dark expanse.

Everyday chores like visiting a park, shopping in the mall and taking
a boat ride -- one learns to do in total darkness. Howzzat! The
hour-long programme is an eye-opener in fact.


Hyderabadis are set to experience this thrill-a-minute show next week
at the Inorbit Mall in Madhapur. ACE, an acronym for Art, Culture and
Entertainment, is bringing this one-of-its-kind programme for the
first time in India.

A chill runs down the spine as one embarks on this spooky journey with
a white cane in hand to grope the way around. But a
visually-challenged guide is always at hand to help. The creepy
feeling is only for a while till you get adjusted to the blackout.

With the eyes out of action, the other sensory organs get active.
Almost involuntarily, one lumbers around with outstretched arms to
discover pebbles under the feet and plants along the way. A bird
chirps yonder and as one sits on the bamboo chair, it is clear as
daylight that it's the Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park.

A few turns in the dark brings one bang into the shopping mall. Here,
leave it to the olfactory and the gustatory senses to tell what is in

Laad Bazar

As you potter around, you lay hands on the most priceless thing. Yes,
you guessed right – the onions.

There are other things like spices, watermelon and soaps. Next, you
saunter into the Laad Bazar. This is clear from the jingling bangles.

Grope for the familiar pan shop, the tyre puncture kiosk and the
public telephone. As you are through the bangle street, get ready for
a boat ride in the dark waters of Hussainsagar. It's quite an

The journey winds up with the Taste of Darkness.

Here, you are served your favourite snacks. Well, that is the dark
side of the story. And the bright side is that visitors begin to see
the sightless not as disabled, but differently-abled persons.


“It helps promote inclusiveness and appreciation of diversity,” says
S.V. Krishnan, founding director, ACE.

Also one develops concentration and listening skills.

“You gain self-confidence and try to push your limits,” adds Sudha
Krishnan, chief operating officer, DiD.

This eerie experience comes for a price - Rs. 300 apiece. Dialogue in
Dark is out of bounds for kids below eight.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Get ready to challenge darkness.

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