[AI] How to learn and teach English phonetics to a visually chalenged?

govind reddy sgreddy4 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 00:22:56 EST 2011

Dear list members,
With all my hearty new year wishes, I'm back again with a small requirement.
As my designation at the bottom suggests, my current profile demands
me to be able to learn, practice and teach all the English phonetics
for newly hired employees.
Following are some of the difficulties that I encounter while dealing
with the above mentioned subject:
1. How to identify and remember all the English phonetics and their
sounds on par with my sighted counterparts?
2. Do we have any braille symbols or printed books that teaches
phonetics to visually impaired?
3. Is it possible for me to get a braille copy of the books, (English
Grammar for basic, intermediate and advanced students by Raymond
Murphi published by the camebridge press)?
If not, any book which is as good as the books mentioned above is also fine.
I'm even ready to bear the cost if the quality of the books is good.
I kindly seek your help at the earliest.

 For everything you gain in life, you lose something else.
"Ralph Waldo Emerson".
With my hearty new year wishes and Warm Regards,
Govind, voice trainer @ GE Money Services
 Mobile: 9030915271.
sgreddy4 at gmail.com

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