[AI] book required for computer knowledge

bhavesh bhavesh20patel at rediffmail.com
Sat Jan 1 09:50:00 EST 2011

Hi accessindians,

i wish all of you a very happy new year.

let's forget all the neggetive things, and start new year with good resolutions and positive thinking.

now coming to the point, one of my friends is studying in 7th standard, and i want her to get good knowledge of computer with basics.

since she is studying in the Marathi medium she requires a book in marathi or hindi, so that she can understand it properly. she can expand her knowledge in english later.

so, i request you, if anybody has any book in marathi, or hindi, please send me the link to download the book. please try to send me the link for an audio book, wich will be better for her.

thanks in advance.

with best regards,


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