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Bijal Patel bijalpatel123 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 01:38:51 EST 2011

    Hi friends,
First of all, very very happy new year!

Now coming to the subject:

In Gmail, you can keep selected mails in your desired folders. This option is known as, "Apply Label ".


 When you apply a Label to a mail, that mail has to remain in Inbox. Once that mail is deleted from your inbox, it will automatically get deleted from your created label (folder).

Here are steps to apply labels to your desired mails:


After signing in to your Gmail, load basic html view.


Go to settings, for this, press insert+f7 to get links list, and press letter S and hit enter.


Under settings, go to Labels, for this, press insert+f7 for links list, press letter L until you get Labels, and hit enter.


Under settings, you will find"Summery: Label settings ". 

Below this, you will find many default labels like personal, travel, work etc.

Here you have to create your new Label (new folder).

To do this, you have to go to create a new label, for which you can pres letter E until you listen, "Create a new label: edit ". 

In this edit field, type in your desired name for your desired label, and hit space bar on the create button given below.


Now to confirm, press letter T to get the labels list table and you will see your new label here.


Now go to your inbox, and select the desired mails, by checking their check boxes, of which you want to apply labels, means which you want to keep in the new created label.


After selecting the mails, go to more actions combo box, so press letter C to get this combo box, and press down arrow key, until you find your new created label. 

Then press tab and you will get go button, but before hitting space bar on it, make sure wither your new label is selected or not in the combo box. And finally, hit space bar on go button.


Now to confirm your labels, press letter H until you get labels heading, and click your new label, press X to find your mails, and check wither your mails are there or not. 

If you have any query, free to ask.    

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