[AI] clarification of the second statement

Ritu Shrivastav ritumansi at gmail.com
Wed May 18 06:53:42 PDT 2011

hello to all
thankyou for giving me the valuable suggestion regarding formation of
currency amount recogniser.
Your suggestions are the prestigious gift for me.
Now, I want to clarify my second statement.
I have seen, that many visually challenged persons has to face
difficulties in detecting bus numbers during traveling.
so, I think that it is essential to have a software, through which we
can overcome this problem.
I think that after putting a software in walking cane, there should be
a scope for visually challenged person to instruct that cane for
detecting only that bus number, in which, the person wants to travel.
Instruction of the visually impared person should be in written form.
It means, before travelling, the person has to write destination like
Saray kale khan to badarpur, and then he should write the bus number
like 163 on the cane and the cane will only detect the specific
destination and detect the specific bus number which has been written
by the person.

I hope, you all have got my point.
But if you feel difficulty in my statement, you can tell me without
any hesitation.
You can wsend mail on- ritumansi at gmail.com.
thankyou for your valuable contribution.
with regards
ritu shrivastava

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