[AI] Urgent, your requirements on accessible material

Vishal Jain vishal.hi at gmail.com
Tue May 17 23:53:35 PDT 2011

Do you need any assistance in pursuing your higher education?
Do you want to get access to wide choice of accessible reading material?

Would you like to contribute in making the higher education more
enriching and rewarding for visually challenged?

If the answer to any of the above is “Yes”, this is the right
opportunity. Express what you need and the challenges you face by
filling up a short questionnaire. Your response will act as a basis
for the organizations to work for visually challenged.
Estimated time required – 6 Minutes.
Click below to fill the questionnaire

I am a student of IIM Lucknow and this is a part of my research project.
The objective is to identify the specific requirements of the visually
challenged for higher education and devise a strategy to cater to
their needs.

Request you to forward this mail to all your visually challenged
friends and Organizations working for visually challenged.
Thank you for your valuable contribution,

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