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Subject: DAISY Planet for September 2010

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of DAISY, 

The September issue of the DAISY Planet is published on the DAISY website
at: http://www.daisy.org/planet-2010-09. 

This issue of the DAISY Planet is filled with news that I hope you will find
interesting and informative. I picked up the news release with the breaking
story - the new Bookshare International partnerships - very, very late last
night. It is therefore covered in the "Hot Off the Press" column and linked
to the DAISY website news entry - it's not too often that I use that column.

The "Story" this month is about an author and teacher, Kathy Nimmer. She has
met her challenges 'head on' and I am hoping that her story will inspire
young authors everywhere. Thank you Kathy for Your Story. 

The DAISY Planet is your newsletter, and your input and comments make it
meaningful to our community and others interested in information access.
Please share news and updates about your organization's or company's DAISY
activities with us by using the Contact Us form on the DAISY Web site
(http://www.daisy.org/contactus/) selecting the "DAISY Planet Newsletter"
category). Letters to the Editor are, as always, most welcome. You can of
course contact me directly by email as well. 

Please forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in
reading about DAISY, the DAISY Consortium and other topics of interest to
the DAISY community.

All members of our mailing lists receive "The DAISY Planet". 

Warm wishes to all,
Lynn Leith,
Editor of the DAISY Planet,
the DAISY Consortium Newsletter,
lynn.leith at gmail.com, 

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