[AI] Pandit Puttaraj Gavai the leading light of music passed Away

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 14:00:09 EDT 2010

Although I and my younger sister have read this mail quite late, yet our hearts go all out to pay a solemn tribute to Pandit Puttaraj Gavai, a historical legend of modern time. It is a grate loss to the Music world in general, and also a disgrace to media as well as our limited knowledge that we have come to know of such a divine and never-tiring scholar and reformer so late! May his soul rest in heaven and his grate endeavors be carried forth with all the sincerity and dedication by his successors!
         Immortal personalities like Pandit Gavai are a colossal example for most of us, since they teach us to be recognized not by our disability, but by our capabilities and our sincerity towards our aims and objectives in life. His immense knowledge as a scholar as well as his immense capabilities as a performer shall always make us bow our heads in reverence to this super human being of modern age! Last but not the least, our sincere thanks to our friend, Mr. Pradeep Banekar for enlightening us about the greatness of this noble soul!
                          Yogesh and Nimita Sharma.

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