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When I start up Internet Explorer (IE), it doesn't display the status bars at

the top and bottom of the screen. I can make the menu and tool bars appear

temporarily by moving the mouse pointer over them, but how do I switch back tomy

normal view? Joan Helliwell

It looks as though you have the screen set to Full Size view. This is activated

by pressing the F11 key, and it is quite easy to do accidentally. Press the F11

key again to switch back to Normal view, which should restore your status bars.


My current laptop is very old, so I'm considering investing in a new one. If

I want to still be using the new laptop years from now, what specifications

should I invest in? And how should I get rid of all the information on my old

laptop - hit it with a hammer? Janet Denyer

The brain of your computer is the CPU, so it's worth getting a fast one.

Intel's current rangeof high-performing processors are called Core i7. It's

worth noting, however, that the very fastest chips tend to be disproportionately

expensive. A 2.66 Gigahertz (GHz) i7 processor costs ukp190 -an expensive


Make sure you put in plenty of Ram, too - this isn't too expensive, so you

should be able to afford at least 4GB. And don't forget that you can always

upgrade components at a later date - the memory scanner provided by Crucial

(www.crucial.com/uk) will help identify your PC and what memory upgrade options

you require.

Your data is stored on the hard drive of your old laptop. Using a hammer to

destroy this - if you're careful - is an effective way of making sure no

one else ever accesses it.

File deletion software, however, is also effective,and would mean you're left

with a spare working laptop. Even a slow machine can be handy for browsing the

web, for instance. But make sure you back up all your files from your old

computer before you do either.


When I use IE to try and 'download [the] latest catalogue' from an auction

site I use, I get an empty browser window that simply displays 'unknown

page' at the bottom of the screen. What's going on? Alan Golding

If you're being asked to download a file, make sure that you trust the site

and that you have up-to-date security software installed first - you don't

want to download malware by mistake. But if it'sa catalogue, it's possible

that it's in a format that IE doesn't necessarily understand on its own.

For example, Adobe's PDF format. Check the website for more information, but

Adobe offers a free reader program that you can download and install from its

website at www.adobe.com.


Recently, a number of my contacts have been unable to contact me via e-mail

(Hotmail), whilst others are just fine. What haveI done wrong? John Redhead

As you are using Hotmail, you need to check that you have not accidently blocked

the senders' addresses. Go to Options, click on it and go to More Options

from the bottom of the menu. Go to the Safe and Blocked list and make sure the

people sending you the affected emails are not listed on your Blocked list.If

they are, you can remove them from the list and any subsequent emails they send

will then appear in your inbox.


I've pressed something on my keyboard which means that when I press some

letter keys (u, i, o, j, k, l, m), I only get numbers. What's happened and

how can I type normally again? Hilary Mathison

It sounds as though you're using a laptop and have activated the Num Lock

function. This mimics the numeric keypad that's found on the right-hand side

of full-sized PC keyboards. You'll notice that the letters you mention sit

neatly belowthe 7, 8 and 9 keys, and it can be handy to use these keys if you

need to enter a lot of numbers into a spreadsheet, for example. It's easy to

switch off. Look for the Num Lock key on your laptop (you may need to press

Shift or Fn to access this) and press it again.


When accessing the internet via AOL, we have started receiving the verbal

message: 'You have company'. We exit immediately when we receive this

warning. Is there anything we can do to prevent this intrusion? Michael


As you are using the internet via AOL's homepage and you also use their email

program, the voice you hear is AOL telling you that people in your address book

are also online so you can chat to them using AOL's Instant Messenger

facility. This is nothing to be concerned about but if you do not like it, you

could use IE as your web browser and only use AOL to view your emails.


My Windows XP PC will not hold a password even when I tick the 'Remember

Password' option. The next time I log into a site, I have to re-enter my

password. How can I ensure that my PC remembers my passwords? Ronald Pink

You need to make some changes in your IE browser to do this. Open IE. Click

Tools and then Internet Options and click on the Content tab and then on the

AutoComplete button. Ensure that there is a tick by 'Usernames and passwords

on forms' and 'Prompt me to save Passwords'. The next time you log into a

site which you have ticked for Remember Password, it will rememberthe password.


I have received an email with three paperclips indicating attachments, but I am

unable to open this, as a pop-up appears saying something along the lines of:

'Microsoft deemed as unsafe'. What do I need to do to be able to open

attachments? GEOFFREY RIDDLE

Outlook Express (OE), rather than Microsoft Security, is blocking your

attachments. To enable you to be able to view attachments you need to make a

few changes to OE. Start OE and from the Tools menu, select Options. Click the

Security tab and under the Virus Protection tab untick the box labelled 'Do

not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a

virus'. Click OK. You will now be able to receive and open attachments.


My printer is a Dell All-In-One Photo 924 which has been OK until I installed a

new ink cartridge. Alignment mode was selected and the printer stopped,

indicating a paper jam. I have looked and cannot find any paper jams and yet

the message remains and the printer is non operational. Peter Donnelly

An indication of a paper jam error is unlikely to be a false alarm. Please

follow the instructions shown here to troubleshoot the issue:

Turn the printer off and on to see if it can automatically clear the jam. If

your printer shows an error code, be sure to check the printer manual to see if

that identifies the area of the printer where the jam occurred.

Turn off the printer. Remove any paper trays and inspect them for wrinkled or

damaged paper. Open any other doors that give access to the printer's paper

path and to the toner or ink cartridge.

If necessary, remove the toner or ink cartridge (place it in a bag or away from

light to avoid damaging it) before reinstalling it. If you find a piece of

jammed paper, remove it by holding it with both hands and pulling firmly. The

goal here is to keep the paper from tearing. If several pieces are jammed

together, try pulling out the middle piece first to loosen the jam. Or if

several small pieces are stuck, you may need touse a pair of fine pliers or

tweezers to remove them.

If the paper does tear, try rotating the roller gears manually to free the

paper. Don't force anything. Replace the toner or ink cartridge and paper

trays, close any doors you opened and turn the printer back on.


I used to be able to print emails but all of a sudden this function has stopped

working. Now, when I click Print, nothing happens. How can I fix this so I can

print my emails again? George Allan

Click Start and then Run to run the Command Prompt. Type regsvr32 shdocvw.dll

(note that there is a space between the number 32 and sh). There are a number

of different problems that this will resolve, including not printing from the

web and email.


Since having my hard disk replaced, I now find that when I click to open a

website it covers about a quarter of the screen, and that I have to manually

click the enlarge button to maximise the screen. How can I set this to open in

a full screen mode automatically? Geoffrey Ollerhead

You need to do the following and can do it from the IE shortcut icon.

Right-click on the shortcut and then select Properties. Click on the

Shortcutand then change the value in the Run command to Maximized using the

drop-down menu. Click Apply. Now IE will open in the maximized state when

youclick on the shortcut.

Reader's TIP

Sam Diggory Southampton:

If you have a PC or laptop with an optical drive, you can use software such as

Nero or Roxio (often bundled with new computers) to turn the contents of most

software discs into an ISO file. You can then use a free program such as Daemon

Tools Lite (www.daemon-tools.cc) to use these files to create 'virtual'

drives on your PC's hard drive that work just like the original CD or DVD.

This is handy for running or installing your software on netbooks without DVD



Each issue, our Helpdesk visits a reader who needs hands-on help with a PC


Tobias Tuft's old desktop PC hadan 80GB hard drive which was reaching full

capacity. He wanted to replace it with a bigger hard drive and contacted us for

advice on selecting and installing a compatible one. We ascertained that

Tobias' system could support SATA hard drives, which are easier to install

then the older IDE hard drive technology. So we ordered a 500GB SATA hard drive

to replace Tobias' old one and even went along to his place to install it.


Turn off the computer and disconnect all the cables attached to it. Make sure

you're wearing an anti-static wristband, and open the case cover.

Mount the new drive into a spare drive slot. Connect the power and data cables

to this drive and connect the other end of the data cable to the motherboard,

using any socket other than the SATA1. Reconnect all the computer cables and

turn on the PC. The new drive should be recognised and you may be prompted to

format it.

Transfer data from the old drive to thenew drive using cloning software suchas

Acronis. Once this has been completed, connect the new drive to the SATA1 port.

The old drive can either be removed or used for extra storage.

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