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Hello All
Guess, you should find this interesting.
Harish Kotian.

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Subject: Preview of Sep-Oct-10 issue

Dear Listener Friends,

  I am glad to present to you the Sep-oct-10 (34th issue ) of Listeners’ Club. I
am sure friends u will surely enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed
compiling it.
The months of September and October are special because there are many festivals
and birthdays of  personalities.
Let me brief you now about the contents of this issue.
Art.2--- Quotes,Quiz and interesting facts-This time we have a special
compilation of quotes by Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi And Albert Schweitzer
whose birthday falls in these months.Watch out for some very interesting and
eye-opening facts on precious element water.
Art.3---Biographies-We have put up with the biography of theological philosopher
Annie Besant,Controversial contemporary painter M.F. Hussain,one of the best
Indian Hockey player Chyan Chand.
Art.4---Unsung Heroes-The story of a brave girl who saved the lives of 6
children from drowning in Yamuna river.Another story of Sanduen Chailert of
Thailand who works tirelessly for the cause of saving the elephants.Know about
Abdul Sattar Edi of Pakistan who helps the orphans and other tormented people in
the conflict zone of Pakistan and believes that humanity is the biggest
religion.Another moving story of Yang Wei Lin who helps the rehabilitation of
refugees in China.
Art 5---Environment Info-Learn about the Indian Roller Bird,sharks,the Sal tree
and foxtail plants.
Know why khadi is known as the fabric of Indian struggle and why it is
Art.6---Classic Tales will have intriguing stories called Horse Sense,Kanta’s
Snore,a detective story and mythological tale of Shravan,the true son.
Art.7---Inspiring stories-Did Abdul Kalam’s childhood dream come true?What made
a simple man turn into a Mahatma.Know about the child from poor country Malawi
in Africa who was adopted by pop-queen Madonna.
Art 8---Learning English-Learn how to write speech in this section.
Art 9---Q&A-Take a tour of Italy and Venice and its tourist spots in this
Art 10---Health Plus- Learn about different yogasans to control your moods in
this section.
Art  11---Anecdotes- Listen to the inspiring anecdotes of Albert
Scheitzer,St.Francis of Assisi and Lao Tzu.
Art 12---Poems-A dedication to the omnipotent Lord in the form of poems.
Art 13---Jokes
Art 14---Ans to the quiz
Art 15---Stories that stir
Art17---Festivals of India-Know about Radha Ashtami,Vaman Jayanti and Lalita
Art 18---Short Forms
Art19---Sun signs and their predictions-Listen to the characteristics and
predictions of  Virgo and Libra.
Art 20--- Inventions and their history-who invented the ATM machine? Who made
the first ballons? Learn about all this and more in our new section.
Art 21---Japan and its culture- A new article related to info on a a country,its
culture,geographical location etc.
Art 23---National Anthem- A  new article in which national anthems of  USA,The
Great Britain,Australia, Japan and Spain are played specially for u.
Art 24--- Amitabh Bachhan Dialogues-Oct 11th is super star’s bday and a medley
of his dialogues and songs are played specially for u.Enjoy listening to the
funny Mausiji Dialogue…u will love it..
Art 25---Last Word.

Have a super cool time listening to our latest iisue and don’t forget to give
your comments and suggestions.Your feedback is important to us.

Tina Parekh (Editor of Listeners’ Club Magazine)

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