[AI] 2 totaly different questions 1 on windows7 and 2 on walking cain for the vi

austin pinto austinpinto.xaviers at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 22:12:26 EDT 2010

hi all hope all are ok i have 2 totaly different questions please
excuse me if any 1 is offtopic 1 is does any1 have a dell inspiron
mini 10(1012) netbook my vi friend has it she wants to know how does
windows7 work on it i mean is it faster then xp or slower? or is any1
using a netbook/laptop with the following configgaration 1gb ram 1.67
gigahertz Intel Atom N450 processer how is windows7 working on it? and
my 2nd question is which is the most latest walking cain for the vi
some1 told me of the smart cain is it the latest or any other latest
advences please tell me the features of it thank you for all help

from austin

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