[AI] today's show on radio retina india!

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 09:40:41 EDT 2010

Hi all,
Thanks for your overwhelming support for yesterday’s broadcast of
radio retina india.

We wanted to remind, that there is a new show today.

Those who’d like to experience this very informative, amazing and
awesome show, should not forget to listen the radio retina india today
(Tuesday, 28th September) at 9:30 PM Indian standard time.

the highlights of today's show:

an in-depth discussion about well known retinal disease RP (retinitis
pigmentosa) with doctor rajat agarwal,
very interesting conversation with mr. rajesh asudani, who's just an
amazing achiever even after being blind,
a very informative feature on education for blind people, information
about different retina india chapters, etc.

Please log on to www.retinaindia.org and find the link called “radio”
to listen the same.

We wish to catch you on the show.

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