[AI] URGENT - Feedback sought for PwD Act draft chapters so far

Vaishnavi Jayakumar jayakumar.vaishnavi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 08:35:36 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I apologise for the short notice - I have been quite unwell the past week.

I will be attending the new PwD Act Committee meeting in Delhi from 29th
Sept-Oct 1st. Please do send in whatever inputs you have based on the
documents below from the official NALSAR site

Other documents like work plan etc are available (unofficially) at
http://wethepwdofindia.blogspot.com/ as circulated earlier. I notice that
Capt. Johann has posted his comments and suggestions - I urge the rest of
the group to contribute as well. I will be accessing email every day
and would be happy to raise your concerns to the sub-groups and revert on
proceedings once I'm back in Chennai.


Vaishnavi Jayakumar


The Centre has been examining for Government of India and Disabled Peoples
Organizations the Legislative Changes required to harmonize Indian law with
New Persons with Disabilities Act

The New PDA Committee has established sub-groups to settle the substantive
content of the new law. The various discussion documents put together by the
sub-groups are being uploaded under the title of the particular group. The
deliberations of the sub-group are work in progress; hence the later version
would prevail over the earlier version. In order to help the readers to keep
track of the most recent document, every discussion document released by the
sub-group would carry a date. And the document with the most recent date
would be the current document.

In order to help keep track of the deliberations of the Committee, the
agenda of the discussions with CDS, NALSAR and the highlights of the NALSAR
meetings are also being uploaded.

Preamble and Definition

*Committee members:* Mr. Akhil, Dr. Karna (Team Leader), Ms. Poonam
Natarajan (Ms. Merry Barua will provide her suggestions on Autism to this

Preamble Definitions Act 2010 - September

CDS Report of the Preamble and Definitions Meeting - 20th September
 Civil and Political Rights and Legal Capacity

*Committee members:* Dr. Govinda Rao, Ms G Syamala (Team Leader), Mr. J P
Gadkari, Mr. Rajiv Rajan, Ms Jayshree Raveendran, Ms Bhargavi Davar, Mr.
Rajiv Rajan, Ms G Syamala, Ms Jayshree Raveendran.

Minutes for Civil and Political Rights and Legal

Base Document on Civil Political Rights Disaggregated by Nature of
Intervention <http://www.disabilitystudiesnalsar.org/Minutes_CPR.php>

*Committee members:* Mr. Punani, Ms Poonam Natarajan, Dr. Uma Tuli, Mr.
Narayanan, Ms Merry Barua.

Agenda for Education Sub-Group Consultation 4th September

Minutes for Education Sub-Group Consultation 5th September

CDS Report on Education<http://www.disabilitystudiesnalsar.org/CDS_Report_Education.php>
 Employment and Occupation

*Committee members:* Mr. Rajive Raturi, Ms Jayshree Raveendran (Team
Leader), Mr. Ramakrishna, Mr. Punani, Ms Srikala, Mr. J P Gadkari, Mr. K.G.
Verma (Rep. of DoPT).

Agenda for meeting of Chapter on Employment and

Minutes for meeting of Chapter on Employment and

*Committee members:* Ms Rukmini, Mr. Narayanan, Mr. Rajive Raturi, Mr. Rajiv
Rajan (Team Leader).

Agenda for Sub-Group Meeting on

Report for Sub-Group Meeting on

Chapter on Accessibility<http://www.disabilitystudiesnalsar.org/Chapter_Accessibility.php>

Additional Chapter on

*Committee members:* Dr. Uma Tuli, Mr. Pitam, Ms Poonam Natarajan (Team
Leader), Mr. Cordozo, Comm (D) Assam, Comm (D), WB.

Agenda for Sub-Group Meeting on

Minutes of Sub-Group Meeting on

CDS Report on Authorities<http://www.disabilitystudiesnalsar.org/CDS_Report_Authorities.php>
 Social Security

*Committee members:* Mr. Rajive Raturi, Ms Jayshree Raveendran (Team
Leader), Mr. Ramakrishna, Mr. Punani, Rajiv Rajan.

Minutes - Working Paper of Chapter on Social
 Human Resource Development

*Committee members:* Mr. Cordozo, Ms G Syamala (Team Leader), Mr. Akhil
Paul, Rep. of M/o HRD, Dr. Govinda Rao.

Update based on ongoing discussions

CDS Report of Human Resource Development
 Health and Rehabilitation

*Committee members:* Dr. Srikala Bharath, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Ms Rukimini
(Team Leader), Mr Vikas Amte, Rep. from M/o Health.

CDS Report of Sub-Committee Meeting - Health and
 Independent Living

Yet to come
Financial Authority

*Committee members:* Mr. Ramakrishnan, Mr. Mukherjee, Dr. Govinda Rao

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