[AI] About Retina India Radio show.

mahesh.khosla mahesh.khosla at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 16:31:24 EDT 2010

The radio retina India has broadcasted its first show on Sunday the 26th of 
September 2010 .
   For technical reasons  including powercut and bad internet connection, we 
could not broadcast it properly, for which we strongly apologize for  the 
caused to  our listeners.
  To insure that you can listen the broadcast properly, we will be 
broadcasting the same show again on Monday the 27th of  September 2010 at 
the same time
which is 9:30 PM.
 Also, we’ve received some queries  where  people wanted  to know how to 
play the radio.
 The steps to play the same are listed below:
 1. Please click on the below web link first:

2.Here on the web page you will find a link called “Radio”.

3. Click on that link and you will be reaching on the Radio’s web-page.

4. Here on this page you will find two links namely:

A: Listen Live on Server-1.

BE: Listen Live on server-2.

5. You can click on either of the above link and can listen the radio.

6. If you are unable to listen the radio automatically then please follow 
the below steps.

A. On the same web-page you will find 3 links namely:

 Play Stream in Winamp/Itunes.

 Play stream in Window Media Player.

 Play stream in Real Player.
  7. If you have any of the above mentioned players then click on that 

8. It will start playing on your PC.


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