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Hope users of skypetalking find this usefull. Please accept my sincere appologies if this has already been posted in this list. 
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 Re: [JAWS-Users] Skype talking
 Holger Fiallo
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 Here you go.
 Version 0.7
 Copyright (c)2010 Hrvoje Katiæ
 Project website: http://skypetalking.googlecode.com
 1. Introduction
 SkypeTalking is a utility that makes Skype, a popular Internet telephony program more accessible and blind user friendly. It uses Skype API wrapper and your screen reader speech and braille output for obtaining information from Skype and sending that information to your screen reader. SkypeTalking will announce most Skype alerts, including user's status changes, incoming and outgoing chat messages, call statuses, and much more! In short, SkypeTalking will simply make Skype talk to you! SkypeTalking was primarily developed for NVDA, a free and open source screen reader, to allow NVDA more access to Skype application. However, it will also support JAWS, Window-Eyes, System Access and SAPI5 speech, though with SAPI5 you will not have braille support. 
 1.1. System requirements
 To use SkypeTalking successfully, you need the following:
 * Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
 * Any supported screen reader: Currently supported screen readers are NVDA 2010.1 Beta or later, JAWS (any version), Window-Eyes (any version) or System Access (any version). * If you don't use any of supported screen readers, a SAPI5 speech will be used instead. In such case, you should have any SAPI5 compatible voices (Windows systems come with at least one SAPI5 voice) * And of course, Skype client application (3.x, 4.x or later) - will probably work with Skype 2.x and possibly with 1.x, though not tested. 
 2. How to use
 2.1. Installation and first run
 To install SkypeTalking, launch SkypeTalking_setup.exe and follow the instructions. The installation will create a desktop icon, a program group in the start menu, and the installation folder found under x:\SkypeTalking where x is your system drive letter. To uninstall SkypeTalking, you can do this by opening SkypeTalking program group in the start menu and choose Uninstall SkypeTalking. To launch SkypeTalking, click SkypeTalking icon either from your desktop or SkypeTalking entry in a start menu under programs\SkypeTalking. When you launch SkypeTalking for the first time, it will be probably unauthorized to communicate with Skype application. For security reasons, Skype doesn't allow any 3rd-party plugins and extras to communicate with it without user permission. This is to prevent viruses and trojans from damaging Skype. To allow SkypeTalking's access to Skype, do the following: 1. Launch SkypeTalking, either from the desktop or from within the start menu under Programs>SkypeTalking. You should here "Connecting to Skype". 
 2. Open Skype.
 3. Go to menu bar, select tools, and then arrow up to options and press Enter. 
 4. Arrow down to the Advanced category.
 5. Press Shift+Tab repeatedly until you land on "Manage other program's access to Skype" link. Press Spacebar to activate it. 6. Find SkypeTalking in a list (it should be usually a first item), tab to Change button, and press Spacebar to activate it. 7. Press Tab. You should hear that you are positioned on a Radio Button that says "Do not allow this program access to Skype". Arrow up untill you hear "Allow this program access to Skype", and then press Enter. 8. Voila! You just allowed SkypeTalking to use Skype! SkypeTalking should now say "Success". You can now press Escape multiple times to exit options. You even don't need to save them. Note, you will have to repeat these steps each time when you reinstall SkypeTalking, but don't worry, you have to do this only once per SkypeTalking installation. You will also have to do this if changing SkypeTalking.exe location. 
 2.2. How to use
 Once launched, SkypeTalking will run in a background and read alerts aloud until you close it. SkypeTalking has keyboard shortcuts that you can use to control SkypeTalking's behaviour and get any particular information repeated or spoken. All SkypeTalking's keyboard shortcuts are in combination with Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Something). Thus we can say that Alt+Ctrl+Shift keys act as a SkypeTalking modifier. So to issue a commend, you hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift (SkypeTalking Modifier), and press any other key while holding it down. 
 2.3. Keyboard shortcuts
 The following keyboard shortcuts are currently available in SkypeTalking:
 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+A - Display About Dialog - This dialog shows the current version of SkypeTalking, copyright information, web site information etc. Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S - SkypeTalking Settings Dialog - Allows you to adjust behavior of SkypeTalking, such as speech output, reading of alerts etc. 
 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+V - Speak currently running version of Skype and API wrapper
 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+M - Repeat last chat message - Repeats last incoming or outgoing chat message Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E - Repeat last event - Repeats last Skype event including chat messages. Alt+Ctrl+Shift+I - Toggle ignoring of all Skype events. If turned on, SkypeTalking will simply ignore events and will not speak or record them. Alt+Ctrl+Shift+1 through 0 - Speak last chat messages 1 through 10. If pressed twice, will copy message to clipboard. If pressed thrice, will open a URL in a default web browser (if message contains any URL address). Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Backspace - Toggle your Skype status on the fly between online, away, not available, do not disturb etc. 
 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F - Speak status of current file transfer.
 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar - Stop speech - Stops speech
 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F4 - Exit SkypeTalking - Unloads SkypeTalking
 2.4. The settings
 SkypeTalking settings dialog can be invoked by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S.
 The settings dialog has 3 tabs (General, Output and Alerts) that you can switch by using standard Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab Windows keystrokes. 
 2.4.1. General tab
 The General tab of SkypeTalking settings dialog has the following options. Automatically start Skype if not running
 This option when checked will allow SkypeTalking to automatically launch Skype for you if you forget to launch Skype before running SkypeTalking. This is also useful if you wish to run Skype and have an instant speech access to Skype. 
 2.4.2. Output tab
 The Output tab contains settings related to speech and braille output. Here you can set the following options. Speech Output
 The Speech Output combo box allows you to set your prefered speech output. If you set it to Auto Detect, it will automatically detect and use your running screen reader, or SAPI5 if your screen reader is not running or unknown to SkypeTalking. If set to SAPI5, it will automatically use SAPI5 speech and will ignore your screen reader. SAPI5Speech controls
 The next 3 controls are edit spin boxes with which you can control volume and speech rate of your SAPI5 synthesizer in case when SAPI5 is used. You can either use the arrow keys to adjust values or type a desired number. Enable Braille Output
 This checkbox allows you to decide would you like to see SkypeTalking output on your braille display. This option doesn't work with SAPI5. 
 2.4.3. The Alerts tab
 This tab allows you to toggle on and off the announcements of various Skype alerts currently supported by SkypeTalking. Anything unchecked here will be ignored by SkypeTalking. You can toggle the announcements of incoming chats, outgoing chats, online statuses etc. 
 2.5. Final information and contact details
 SkypeTalking is free and open source software. Open source meens that software source code is available to anyone who wants it. SkypeTalking uses GNU General Public License version 2.0. You can read a full license in license.txt file that came with SkypeTalking. If you are a programmer, or want to contribute to a source code or may be run SkypeTalking directly from source, you can visit an SVN repository of SkypeTalking found on 
 project website. There you can also download latest version.
 If you are a translator and want to localize SkypeTalking into your own language, you can contact me via e-mail to get very latest translation file and send me your translations. My contact e-mail address is hrvojeka... at gmail.com. New! You can also join SkypeTalking mailing list hosted on Google Groups by using the following address: skypetalking+subscr... at googlegroups.com. To send e-mail to a mailing list, use skypetalk... at googlegroups.com address. Note that this is english-speaking list. 
 You can follow me on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/hkatic
 End of document.
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 It's not helpful seeing as the help documentation is pretty much in jibrish. 
 -- Kimsan Song
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 For those who are having problem with using skype talking it might help if
 you go to read documentation. You will find it under skype talking folder.
 Go to start and go up to all program and open and find skype talking.
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 For answers to frequently asked questions about this list visit:
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