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Take a look at this blog. It is worth the effort.
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Subject:	[blindCity] Descriptopedia is your one stop resource for object descriptions
From:	"Wael" <wael.zein at GMail.com>
Date:		25/09/2010 10:26 pm

When you could see a picture and can't really describe it in words. When you want to get an idea about a physical description for a certain live, or even, virtual object When you want to help the blind get an idea about what you see and they can't. Descriptopedia is the right place for you to visit on a regular basis.
 A blind person could never touch the mouth of a real lion or the outer view of a real high tower. How if they could perceive such things in descriptive wording? we, at descriptopedia, believe that one could understand things better when they perceive it in a more appropriate way. The blind lack the ability to see with their eyes, but they could see things when they understand them.
 We believe the descriptive approach is brand new in internet resources, so we intend to provide textual descriptions for all objects around us as it is, not as it should be, and we will be pleased you promote our knowledgebase with your fantastic informative comments that may raise considerable questions, or provide valuable answers for any of the unanswered questions we raise.
 Just visit Descriptopedia and give us your valuable views. It is our newly born internet resource at:
 Descriptopedia Team
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