[AI] boss behavior

Jean Parker radioforever at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 05:19:46 EDT 2010




While I understand that such attitudes can and do come from ignorance and that personal re-education of the boss may have been in order, I find it difficult to believe this individual made these comments without deliberate and calculated planning.  Ok, maybe you could have condiscended to his ignorance and had a one to one discussion with him about the matter, but someone in that kind of a senior position knows better than to make these remarks.  I object to the notion that we are here to educate sighted people about what blind people can do at the expense of our careers, relationships, education or whatever it is we are trying to accomplish.  A point of interest is that one belief of Martin Luther King and his colleagues during the black civil rights movement was that it was not the responsibility of black people to educate white people.  It was white people's responsibility to educate themselves.  We could apply this to many different situations as well, not just blindness.  When we encounter a person of a different disability than ours or from a different race or religion do we expect them to give us a 101 course in whatever it is they are?  I would hope not.


If you do choose to pursue something be sure that everything is in writing so a paper trail exists.  



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