[AI] Please help me

neelima kumari neelima.aicb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 11:42:33 EDT 2010

Hello access Indians,

Please help me. My one friend had recently opend her account on gmail.
but whenever she is going to open it it is not opening. Actually in
the  afternoon with the help of my teacher I had opend this and I
checked  some mails also but now when I am going to help her then it
is not openingcan you tell me why it is happening?

When we open it one dialogbox comes on the screen it says "This page
is contain both secure and nonsecure questions. What should we do at
that time?

Please tell me whether it is taking some time or not to open? If yes
then how much  time it will take?

Looking for your reply.

Please tell me.

Please reply in easy language.
with regard


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