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Update your contacts - the easy way
R. Dinakaran

YOU MIGHT LOSE the mobile, but not the contacts. - Bijoy Ghosh

Do you remember the time you spent sleepless nights after losing your
mobile and wondering which mobile to buy? And when you bought one, you
spent sleepless nights again wondering what to do with the contact
list (some 300?) you had so assiduously built up?

Or when you, by mistake, deleted all your contact information. And
spent more sleepless nights manually keying in the contact information
in the new mobile.

But with the omnipresent Web 2.0 Internet around, such anxiety-filled
days could be a thing of the past. With just a click of a button (or a
tap of the screen) you can store and synchronise contacts with ease.
Here are a few Web sites that make your life easier, and for free, at





To use these services you must have the Internet service leveraging on
the SyncML standard protocol in your mobile. You must have Internet
access via your mobile operator before you can start OTA

What is SyncML?

SyncML (Synchronisation Markup Language) is an open international
standard, which allows the user to transmit data wirelessly at high
speeds. Most mobiles now have the synchronisation option.
Synchronisation can work with virtually any mobile device that has the
SyncML option.

The `how to' part

Remember, only contacts stored in phone memory can be synchronised. If
you have stored your contacts in the sim card, you will have to
transfer them to your mobile storage before synchronising. To use this
service (which is free) you must have the Internet service activated
in your mobile.

After you register at the site (for convenience we have taken the
user-friendly zyb as example), you will have to fill the site's server
details at the synchronisation option in the mobile. The server
details are available at the Web site. Once you do this, all you have
to do is to click the sync button. All your contacts and calendar info
are stored in zyb's server.

Next time you lose your mobile or buy a new one, it is enough if you
lose sleep over which mobile to buy. To get back your contacts and
other info, you have to register your new mobile at the zyb site. Then
enter the server details in the sync option in the mobile, just as you
had done with your previous mobile. Now click the sync button. All
your contacts calendar info is downloaded into the new mobile!

Most of the sites also offer the option of syncing your google
calendar with their respective calendars, which can, in turn, be
synchronised with your mobile. One more advantage of services such as
zyb and mobical is that you have the option of keying in your contacts
and updating your calendar in the Web site and then synchronising it
with your mobile. By doing this, you can avoid the painful process of
using your mobile keypad for storing info.

Zyb and mobical have the option of storing your SMS. Mobical also has
the option of importing contacts in your computer in vCard format,
which can then be synchronised with your mobile. Though Mobical offers
more features such as syncing your tasks and bookmarks, zyb scores
over all the sites because of its user-friendly design, which makes it
easier to navigate. Zyb also offers the option of synchronising
several mobiles. You have to just add the new mobile to your account
and synchronise. But zyb is likely to make synchronising multiple
mobiles a fee-based service.

Both zyb and Mobical have the option of making the contacts update
their information themselves. You have to click on the option in the
Web site. Mobical calls it 'Update Friend'. In Zyb, you can use the
`Send SMS to your friends' option.

An SMS will be sent to their mobile asking them to update their info.
Zyb also has the option of `auto update contacts'. Using this you can
either send an SMS or e-mail asking them to update their information.
Once they do it, the updated information is stored in zyb. The updated
information gets loaded into your mobile next time you synchronise it
with zyb.


Goosync is just about synchronising your google calendar with your
mobile. If you are not particular about synchronising your contacts,
but fond of your google calendar, and want to sync it with your
mobile, this is the service you will want to use. But if you use zyb
or scheduleworld, there is an option to sync the calendars there with
google calendar.

Hutch subscribers

If you are a Hutch subscriber in India, you have the option of using
its mobile backup services. The details can be found at
http://hutch.in/services/phone_backup.asp. But remember, using the
service entails a monthly subsciption.

Another option

Most mid and high-end mobiles come with their own software that can
synchronise your mobile Outlook using Bluetooth, infrared or the USB
cable that comes with the mobile.

Just connect your mobile to the PC or laptop, run the software and
synchronise. That's it! Your calendar and contact info are updated.


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