[AI] behaviour of my superior

Subramani L lsubramani.visa at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 06:26:08 EDT 2010

It is indeed shocking and dismaying to see someone who is technically
minded has to speak like this. Ironically, these are the very people
who seem to boast about their work on ORCA and other so-called
accessibility tools for the disabled persons . One thing they must try
developing is a device with a heart and a proper thinking brain:
things they obviously do not have. Sometimes I lose my cool on hearing
things like these since it makes me wonder what best can be done to
put sense into people's head. After all, I can write and people like
Subash Vhashisht, Kanchan or Rahul can fight, but putting sense into
people's head... Difficult thing indeed. So Mahesh, it's their loss
not your's.


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