[AI] behaviour of my superior

Mahesh Shah mss447 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 00:45:20 EDT 2010

Dear Friends--

I am writing to this list after a long time. I wish to tell you an
incident happened in my office , which shocked me.

Every year, a delegation goes from my office, C-DAC, to participate in
SuperComputing conference in USA. This year I put my self-nomination
for this. I am the most qualified and most senior person for the job.

But my boss called me for a one-to-one discussion and informed me that
it will be 'embarrasing' to send a person (VI) like me in . the
delegation. Because I will require someone's support and will hold
someone's hand. Also if some accident happens to me because of my
disability, he and office will be hold responsible for why they sent
such a person.

I was really shocked and upset with the behaviour. Then I withdrew my
nomination for participation in the conference.

Friends, I want to show you that how these learned so-called superiors
fail to understand the VI peoples aspirations and behave in such a
nonsense way.

Thanks for sharing my concerns.

Mahesh Shah

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