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Dear All,

Now available for download from the TalkNav FTP site.

TALKS for Windows Mobile Version 1.10
Release Notification
1.  Introduction
We proudly announce the release of the Nuance TALKS - Version 1.10
supporting Windows Mobile 6 Standard for September 21, 2010.

This version is available with Eloquence in US English.

TALKS for Windows Mobile is shipped in the form of an application for
Windows-based PCs. It places icons in the start menu of your PC that give
you access to the installation and user guides, as well as letting you set
up TALKS on a phone connected through a USB connection.
2.  Supported handsets

This version has been tested with various handsets running Windows Mobile
6.0 / 6.1 / 6.5 Standard Edition. We expect it to be compatible with most
Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition devices, that is, phones without a touch
screen. Earlier versions of Windows Mobile may also work, but have not been
extensively tested.

The current version should not be used on phones running Windows Mobile 6
Professional, which all include a touch screen.

Please see section 6 for a full list of compatible handsets for this
3.  What's New?
This section is currently empty, as this is the first released version.
4.  Known Issues on specific handsets
.         On some phones, lockups have been observed during startup when the
phone is powered on without a SIM card with TALKS is running in 10-minute
demonstration mode. This can be worked around by inserting a SIM card at
least until the license key for TALKS has been entered, or by confirming the
"SIM failure" dialog with [Left Soft] as soon as it appears. 
.         The default home screen on some phone models is not supported by
TALKS. Settings the home screen to "Windows Default". Please see the "TALKS
Installation Instructions" document that is placed into the "Nuance TALKS
for Windows Mobile" group for more details.
.         On some phone models, an extra dialog will be shown on the phone
during installation, accompanied by a "beep", that requests confirmation for
installing an application from an unknown provider. If so, press [Left Soft]
to confirm and continue with the installation.
.         Speech is not available during a call on many handsets, such as
the HTC Ozone.
5.  FAQ
This section will be filled based on customer feedback in future versions.
6.  Full compatibility list
This section lists handsets on which we expect to be compatible with the
current release:

.	HTC S710
.	HTC S730
.	HTC S740
.	HTC Ozone
.	HTC Snap
.	Samsung Omnia Pro B7320
.	Samsung Omnia Pro B7330
.	Samsung Jack
.	Samsung SGH-i320
.	Motorola Q9c

Please note: the Motorola Q9h is known to be incompatible with this version.

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Neil Barnfather
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