[AI] gmail password

Mahesh Kumar mahesh.proff at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 01:49:59 EDT 2010

Hey Vasu,
          Still theer is a way to access you Gmail! Click on " can't access
my account" and then going through some steps, they will ask you to provide
a new mail id to send a link to restoer or chosse a new passowrd after
answering some perculiar questions ralated to your account like.. " date of
creation of account" "date of last access" name some of your contacts saved
in you maid id" "email addrss of peoplw to whom you recently sent a mail ,
received a mail" ,"one of your old passwords" etc.
 You have to answer them and if they(Gmail) decides, you are the correct
user, then they will send a link to the email address provided by you.
Hope this helps.

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