[AI] problem in gmail

Mahesh Panicker maheshspanicker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 12:02:54 EDT 2010

hi list
I am facing a problem with my gmail account from today onwards. I
generally use gmail in the standard view, in the older version.
however from today onwards, I am not able to find the older version
link after my gmail page gets loaded. it has not happened with all the
gmail account, in another account, I am still able to access the older
version link.
in basic html version, some of the features like keybord shortcuts are
missing, but I don't find the newer version of the standard view all
that comfortable with jaws. has anyone been using the newer standard
version in gmail? if so, how is the experience?
waiting for your response,

Mahesh S. Panicker
C123; Dayanand Colony; Lajpat Nagar4;
New delhi india.

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