[AI] information about safa

neelima kumari neelima.aicb at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 11:41:49 EDT 2010

Hello access Indians,
Before some days someone asked about lekha which is  used for hindi
writing.  I don't know about this software  but according to my
knowledge if you want to write in hindi you want to use SAFA reader
which is very useful software
If you want more information about this please contect AICB. They will help you.

This software is compatible with any version of JAWS. But remember
your computer will be hang insometimes.  so please be carefull.
but it will become very very helpful for you because I saw in here
many students use this very comfortably for their college assignments.
If you want more information please reply me I will send you contect no.

Hope this will help you.

with regard


Looking for your reply.

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